The head of the Russian Chess Federation about Karjakin: “I explain many of his passages as an emotional breakdown. A high-level athlete should not stoop to insulting colleagues” – Chess

The head of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov appreciated criticism grandmaster Sergey Karyakin to the leadership of the FSR.

– In general, it seems to me that Sergei took the brilliant victory of Jan Nepomniachtchi too close to his heart in Candidates Tournament.

I explain many of Karjakin’s passages as an emotional breakdown. Humanly speaking, one can understand him, I consider Sergei’s exclusion from the Candidates Tournament, where he qualified after winning the World Cup, politically motivated and unfair.

But still, a high-level athlete must control his emotions and not stoop to direct insults to his colleagues, teammates and chess professionals, with whom he played for the team many times, together they brought medals to our country.

Now Sergey claims that they are “wrong patriots”. It is surprising to read this, because the patriotism of an athlete lies in bringing medals to his country, delighting fans and maintaining the traditions of the national chess school.

– Do you personally continue to communicate with Sergei?

– I am always open for communication, but basically our interaction takes place through his manager Kirill Zangalis, who was surprised Sergey’s posts and comments are no less than anyone else in the chess world.

Karjakin complains that the Russian Chess Federation does not help him get through the difficult time of disqualification and does not participate financially in his chess training.

– Sergey knows very well that I personally, as the head coach of the men’s team and the president of the federation, filed an appeal against the decision of the FIDE ethics committee. It was a lot of legal work that did not bring results, but was done by the forces of the federation.

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As for financial support, it is strange to hear this from one of the country’s wealthiest athletes, who has received unprecedented support throughout his entire career in Russia since 2009.

The problems of a chess player who found himself without international tournaments, like many other athletes of our country, are very clear to me.

Now Karjakin is interested in social activities, some time ago he tried to go into business and organize competitions. Then he publicly announced plans to create an international chess organization alternative to FIDE.

It looks like he is trying to leave his sports career and find another occupation. I still hope that Sergei will continue to play chess,” Filatov said.

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