The head of the Ministry of Health urged Russians not to delay vaccination – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“We are often asked a question about the risk of a third wave. I think this question is absurd. There is no need to wait, you need to prevent it. Perhaps, in this situation, it will not work. You just need to come, get vaccinated and not ask such banal and inappropriate questions.” said the minister.

Earlier, Murashko urged Russians to wear protective masks and observe other safety measures. To avoid the third wave of the pandemic, it is necessary to take care of the formation of population immunity to the new coronavirus, and for this you need to be vaccinated.

We will remind, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin assessed the situation with vaccinations in Russia as good. “The situation in the country, according to experts, is stable,” the head of state said during a speech in Sochi on May 10. “Therefore, we need to continue and actively test and vaccinate. These are two very important components in order to overcome this pandemic in the future – its consequences. ” According to him, 21.5 million Russians received the vaccine.

He also addressed the heads of the regions with a reminder of the need to comply with the rates of testing, rates of vaccination. “In no case should you neglect the recommendations given by experts, you need to observe the mask regime, you need to comply with their other requirements,” the president said.