The head of Dacia-Lada spoke about the features of the new Duster – Motor

Since Dacia will have two crossovers by the middle of the decade, the dimensions of the Duster will not change after the change of generations – the length from bumper to bumper will be no more than 4.35 meters. However, another platform (CMF-B) will be hidden under comparable dimensions, which will improve handling and ride comfort. Earlier it became known that six modifications for different markets are planned for the new Duster.

The head of the division of budget brands Renault Group believes that the change in the economic and political situation will play into the hands of Dacia. “The more inflation, the more people come to us from other brands and other segments,” said Denis Le Vot. The top manager believes that cars in Europe will continue to rise in price, because the tightening of environmental and safety standards is coming.

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