The harm of menthol cigarettes; they want to remove them from the market

The harm of menthol cigarettes; they want to remove them from the market. The United States government presented a plan what do you expect ban these mentholated and flavored productsconsidering that this proposal will help prevent children from being the next generation of consumers and will also allow adults to kick this habit.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English) indicated that if the elimination of these mentholated products is approved It would prevent between around 300,000 and 650,000 from putting their lives at risk for this habit over 40 years.

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He also argued that more than a third of these cigarettes sold in the US market are menthol, and revealed that the main consumers are African-Americans and young people. The FDA argued that various studies show that the supposed cooling effect of menthol masks the harshness of tobaccoin addition to making it easier to contract the habit and difficult to abandon it.

On several occasions, the health authorities of that country have tried to eliminate the menthol However, the big tobacco companies, legislators and political interests under governments of both parties have prevented the implementation of this plan, which has the support of anti-tobacco groups and civil rights promoters.


Also in the proposal attempts will be made to ban the dozens of flavors such as grape and strawberry in these products which are becoming more and more popular with young people, particularly teenagers. Still, the agency’s proposals remain initial drafts, but the Administration hopes to receive a variety of opinions before issuing final rules, which could face years of legal appeals.

In this regard, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf told a Senate subcommittee that through “careful consideration of the scientific evidence and our authorities under the Tobacco Control Act, we have determined that eThese actions are appropriate for the protection of public health“. Therefore, if this plan is approved, it would be historic.

According to the FDA about 18.6 million people consume these menthol products in the United States, which equates to about 36 percent of all smokers. Equity is also being sought, since the tobacco industry has reportedly heavily marketed menthol products to communities of color and other minority groups.

The Agency estimates that about 30 percent of white smokers choose menthols, but they are the cigarette of choice for nearly 85 percent of black smokers. While about 40 percent of women smoke menthols, compared to 31 percent of men.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking rates in the United States hit a record low in 2018, but it remains the leading cause of preventable human loss, illness, and disability in the country. Use of this product is responsible for more than 480,000 lives lost annually in the United States, including more than 41,000 from secondhand smoke.

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