The hard moment of Jos Mara Listorti

Yes OK Jos Mara Listorti is having a good time for his participation in Showmatch (El Trece), in his personal life the comedian lives a hard time with his family for the death of a family member: his cat Renzo, to whom he dedicated a deep farewell on the net.

“Today se in Renzo. Thanks for so much honey. We are going to miss you a lot. A lot of. A lot, “he wrote Josema on his Instagram account in a publication in which he added photos with the beautiful feline that was part of his family for years, such as Martinez, a labrador retriever, according to Exitona.

The postcard garnered more than 39 thousand likes and dozens of messages, among which the one from her friend stood out. Paula Chaves, animal lover, the one of Pablo Granados, Celeste Roth, producer of Laflia, journalist Majo Martino and himself Dr. Juan Enrique Romero, the renowned veterinary doctor, approached his affection to the driver and comedian for the loss of his dear friend.

Minutes later, in his stories, he posted another photo of Renzo and put: “Goodbye Renzo!”, He added along with several heart emojis. “I hope you have been happy with us“, sum Listorti.

The farewell of Jos Mara Listorti’s wife to her cat Renzo

Monica del Carril, the wife of Jos Mara ListortiFor his part, he posted an image of Renzo in the stories on his personal Instagram account and fired him with love.

“Renzo, so always in our heart. Thank you for your time in our lives. You made us very happy,” she closed over the photo that shows her with the feline on her chest.

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