The hard life of Eastern Europeans: ‘We are treated inferior, we can’t take that anymore’ | New Rotterdammers

Ten Polish women sit around a table. They listen to a man tell them in English why he is here, and why they are here. “We want to help you,” said the man. It is Richard Moti, alderman in Rotterdam. “We want you to have a good life here too. That’s why we’re here.”

He wants to hear their stories. They tell them, in Polish (via an interpreter), or in broken English. Most are over forty, have children, and have lived here for years. They lived in villages or provincial towns before coming here, looking for work and a better life. Was that successful? They shrug one by one.

Rotterdam wants to tackle the problems with Eastern European labor migrants. The AD closely followed the first year of the approach. Today part 1 in a series of four episodes.



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