The “Happier Campers” campers are the most stylish, they cost like a moped and they turn you around in the summer of 2022

They are designed in Los Angeles, have a much appreciated vintage touch, and a unique style: they are the campers of “Happier Camper”, the US company that produces some of the cheapest campers in the world.

On the company’s website, you immediately notice that there are many models available, and that all have a functional, seventies air, but also decidedly comfortable and aerodynamic.

Inside, each camper is customizable: you can freely choose where to place the bedroom and how to organize the living room and kitchen. Which is a great advantage, because you get the perfect camper for your needs.

The materials of the Happier Camper campers are very light, which allows you to save on fuel, first of all, but also to be able to tow them with any car. While instead, as happens with other campers, there is often an obligation to tow with an SUV or 4X4 off-road vehicle.

Happier Campers

But let’s get to the price, because this is the most interesting element of these strange California campers. As we said earlier, many blogs and industry experts place Happier Camper motorhomes at the top of the rankings of the cheapest motorhomes in the world. Why?

The reason is that these are spacious campers (not only mini-campers in which there is only the bed, but also models similar in all respects to the classic caravans) but that despite the space and comfort can only cost 10 thousand euros.

Some Happier Camper models, especially the most famous ones, cost around 20 thousand euros. But it must be considered that it is still a lower cost than that of a normal camper. There are models currently on the market, in fact, that exceed 70 thousand euros in value. This is why those of Happier Camper are so coveted and loved.

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