The handball team loses the gold medal in the Mediterranean to Spain

The Egyptian handball team lost to Spain 28-27 in the handball final of the Mediterranean Games, in the match that brought them together, this evening, Wednesday.

The handball final match of the Mediterranean Games was held between Egypt and Spain at 5:30 pm today in the Algerian city of Oran.

The first half ended with Egypt leading 16-13, and in the second half, Spain turned the score in the last minutes and ended the match 28-27.

Spain will win the gold medal for handball at the Mediterranean Games, while Egypt will get the silver medal.

The Egyptian delegation participating in the Mediterranean Games raised its medals to 51 medals, divided into 13 gold medals, 15 silver medals and 23 bronze medals.

Match details.

Spain started the match strongly and managed to score two goals.

Hassan Kaddah reduced the score to 2-1 before Spain quickly scored the third goal.

In the fifth minute, the Spain national team player was suspended for two minutes, although he led 4-1.

The Egyptian team succeeded in returning strongly and reduced the difference to 6-5.

With the 14th minute, Egypt tied the score 7-7 against Spain, before the Sons of the Pharaohs advanced 8-7.

Karim Hindawi saved a dangerous ball from a Spanish player in front of the goal.

Our national team advanced 7-9 before the Spain coach asked for a time-out.

Egypt expanded the difference to 4 goals when it advanced 10-14 against Spain.

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Goalkeeper Karim Al-Hendawy scored the fifteenth goal of the Pharaohs after sending the ball to the empty goal of Spain after his goalkeeper advanced.

Spain reduced the difference to 13-15 before the Egypt coach asked for a time-out to give his players some instructions.

The first half of the match ended with Egypt leading 16-13 over Spain.

With the beginning of the second half, the Egyptian team continued to excel after scoring two goals through Ahmed Al-Ahmar and Seif Al-Deraa, to widen the difference to 18-14.

The excitement between the two teams continued until Spain reduced the difference to one goal when the score was 22-23.

Spain equalized in the 16th minute with a score of 23-23.

Egypt returned to the lead 27-25 against Spain in the 23rd minute.

Spain overturned the result in the last minutes in a dramatic scenario and advanced with a score of 28-27 to win the handball gold at the expense of Egypt, which contented itself with winning the silver medal.



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