Several filmmakers have snatched the rights to The Guilty. As Jake Gyllenhaal explained to IndieWire, this was an ideal movie to make during a pandemic.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been approached by many filmmakers about The Guilty because the unique location and premise of the film made it ideal for filming amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The actor and his production partner Riva Marker bought the rights to the English remake of Gustav Moller’s 2018 Danish film and hired Nic Pizzolatto to adapt the screenplay when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and interrupted productions film and television worldwide from March to July 2020.

During the lockdown, many filmmakers were looking for projects that were logistically easy to do and seemed interested in this movie about an emergency services telephone operator who receives a call from a woman in the midst of an abduction. “We were approached by so many filmmakers, because this was the one script that was easy to contain in one place,” he told IndieWire. The interest it sparked was a little crazy, the fever of that interest surprised me, “Oh, my God, we’re going to make this movie and all these people want to do it.” “

The actor approached his director of Rage in the Belly, Antoine Fuqua, and used what he knew about the filmmaker to make The Guilty a project he could not refuse. “I knew that if I presented him with something intriguing in terms of the creative process, it would be the icing on the cake. I know he likes a challenge, he explained. There are some funny technical things he could do, different from all those great movies he had made. I put it in the right place as a filmmaker. “

Once the director was found, the film was engaged in a bidding war, with Netflix ultimately winning the broadcast rights. The duo had originally planned to shoot it in five days, but it finally took 11 days, in October 2020, after a month of preparation.

The Guilty is currently available on Netflix.


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