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Guanajuato, Guanajuato. 10 August 2022.- Guanajuato is a model in the implementation of transfusion medicine, thanks to its collection system, with the ability to provide blood products to patients who need them.

The secretary of health, Daniel Alberto Díaz Martínez, during the Council of the State Center for Transfusion Medicine, recognized the CEMT staff and the cleanliness they have in the handling of blood products, also because it has potentially grown in its processes since 2016 in its new facilities.

This recognition was also made for these two years of providing products in hospitals, despite the health contingency of COVID-19.

Transfusion medicine in Guanajuato generates more than 40,000 units of blood annually, no other state reaches this amount, reports Dr. Gerardo Torres Salgado, director of this state center.

Only this year 2022, 18 thousand 414 total donations were registered, last year 35 thousand 463 donations, and 32 thousand 79 donations in 2020.

He added that, despite the pandemic and the reduction in donors, several strategies were set up to guarantee blood products, this allowed there to be no shortage of units. In addition, the donation rate was kept within satisfactory parameters.

Operating rooms and surgical rooms are the main consumers of blood products, as well as intermediate care areas, shock and resuscitation rooms, this has led to quick and timely delivery of services, as acknowledged by the director of Health Services, Francisco Javier Magos Vazquez.

In addition, thanks to this State Bank, safe products are guaranteed to children who are childhood cancer patients, which has contributed to the maintenance of the survival of children in the state, also with the provision of blood for the care of obstetric patients who need a transfusion . , this activity again gains great relevance.

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In this last year, the CETM managed to certify based on ISO criteria, the training of personnel on Human Rights and the execution of evacuation exercises were strengthened.

With 16 bleeding stations and a 24-hour blood bank, the exchange of blood products is generated in the main municipalities and in hospitals with collection centers for their transfer to the State Center.

At the end of the Council, the director of the CEMT reiterated the goal of providing adequate and timely blood to patients, especially in urgent cases.



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