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The "Greek Goddess" nibbles a dietitian to fight acne

As a writer of healthy foods, I've already heard that some foods could be guilty of acne. In high school, the teen magazines I read liked to make the connection between fat food and zits. And several years later, at Well + Good, a colleague marveled at giving up dairy products to get rid of her recurring epidemics.

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anti-acne foods

At the other end of the spectrum, dietitian Meg Hagar's "Greek goddess" anti-acne snack, which includes figs, olives and plums, will not cause any pimples, she says. .

I inquired to find out how this snack approved by a simple Mediterranean diet is associated with lighter skin. Hagar tells me that the food combo contains three important anti-acne factors. First of all, it is low glycemic. "This means that blood sugar keeps blood sugar from rising too quickly.When this happens, a series of internal events in the body can lead to excessive oil production," Hagar said. Second, it is rich in fiber. "The fiber is great for staying full, but for people with acne, it's vital to specifically support the body's natural detoxification processes," she said. "The fibers help promote bowel motility and it is essential to have one or more good quality stools each day for clean, healthy skin." And thirdly, Hagar says the snack is packed with protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and polyphenols, which help reduce overall inflammation, including skin.

Hagar and two other experts explain why figs, olives and plums, in particular, are such anti-acne superstars.

1. figs

"Figs are also full of antioxidants for detoxification and the fight against inflammation," says Hagar. Licensed dietician Kayla Newcombe, Dt.P. adds that figs, whether fresh or dry, provide a range of minerals for skin health, including potassium, an essential electrolyte to keep your skin hydrated. She also repeats what Hagar says about the importance of fiber. "Having enough fiber in your diet can help eliminate excess hormones or toxins from your body, which could otherwise cause skin damage," she says.

2. Olives

As acne is a direct response to inflammation, Hagar believes that it makes sense that anti-inflammatory foods help prevent it, especially olives. "Olives contain a unique blend of potent components called polyphenols, and it has been proven that olives-specific polyphenols reduce the systemic inflammation of the body," she said. "The powerful antioxidants and oils are good for the skin and hair and give us a glowing appearance," says dermatologist Amanda Doyle, MD. Newcombe points out that olives also contain vitamins A and E, which can help prevent pimples and keep the skin soft.

3. Plums

Dr. Doyle, Hagar and Newcombe recommend all plums for skin health for the same reasons as olives: they are an excellent source of antioxidants and polyphenols. Newcombe explains that the dark purple color of plum skins comes from anthocyanins, a pigment with strong antioxidant properties. "Anthocyanins give this fruit its glowing properties by protecting your skin from damage and helping to control inflammation and soothe redness in the skin," she says.

Another reason why plums are an acne-fighting food is their high content of vitamin C. "Vitamin C is important to support the structure of the skin.Think to cure textural acne scars," says Hagar .

So here it is: an easy anti-inflammatory snack. Another trophy that the Mediterranean diet can add to its collection.

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