Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, decided to close the Makani Center for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Kafr El-Baramoun, affiliated to the Mansoura Center, due to the lack of a license to practice activity and violate the law.

The governor of Dakahlia indicated that the violating medical facilities represent a risk to the health of citizens and adversely affect the level of health care provided to them, and stressed that medical and health facilities should not be allowed to operate unless they fulfill all the requirements set by law to ensure the quality of the medical service they provide .

The Governor also decided to close 5 pharmacies administratively for a month, to practice the activity without appointing a responsible pharmacy manager, and to re-practice the pharmacy activity of a pharmacy because the closing period for it has expired.

The governor of Dakahlia directed quickly to take legal and administrative measures towards violators to close and towards the practice of the activity of the pharmacy, pointing to the need to continue monitoring campaigns on various health and food establishments in all centers and cities of the governorate and law enforcement in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens.

Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, Governor of Dakahlia, stressed the importance of continuing the campaigns carried out by the departments of free treatment and pharmaceutical inspection and the various departments, to ensure compliance of medical facilities at the governorate level with the requirements set by law.

This came on the basis of the report presented by Dr. Saad Mekki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia, which shows the management of the aforementioned center without a license and in violation of the provisions of the law on medical facilities.