The Government confirms the shortage of diesel and says that “it will import more”

The chief of staff, Juan Manzur, I admitted this morning that the fuel shortage that affects some eight provinces it is a problem to be solved “in the next few days”.

“We met in the last meeting with the governors of the northern region. Multiple issues were discussed that have to do with regional economies, with infrastructure, and among them, a shortageand lack of fuel“, said the official at the door of the Casa Rosada.

Manzur He explained that they are “working” on this problem and revealed: “Yesterday I spoke with the authorities, it will be resolved in the course of today or tomorrow. It will matter more“.

Just in the last few hours, FADEEACthe national chamber that brings together freight forwarding companieslaunched an alert specifying that “eight provinces are in red“, that is to say with very low or no fuel supply at service stations.

The jurisdictions are: Jujuy, Salta, Formosa, Tucumán, Misiones, Corrientes, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos.

“Routes 14, 34, 9, 12 and 7 are the ones that suffer major shortage made out of fuelwhile the provinces in red, orange and yellow increase in the Diesel supply mapcreated by technicians from the Argentine Federation of Cargo Trucking Business Entities (FADEEAC)“, stated the report.

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Also, the president of that entityRoberto Guarnieriassured: “The shortage we are suffering has been going on for more than two months. We understand that it is not an easy issue to solve, but it is clear to us that it is a problem generated by the lack of foreign exchange and the difficulty in advancing quickly on the policies that are required”.

Manzur assured that the shortage problem will be solved shortly.

Guarnieri explained that “for several weeks, hundreds of trucks from Bolivia have been coming to the port of Campana to look for the combustible your country matters” and added that “if you pay, there is fuel available”.

“Meanwhile in Argentina we have stranded trucks along the highway, due to lack of diesel,” he concluded.

Mendoza on orange alert

Los fuel supply problems are not alien to the provincial territory and according to the “Gas oil supply map” from FADEEAC, Mendoza is found in Orange alert with an average of supply of up to 20 liters per unit. Despite this, the inconveniences have been registered in different departments and social networks have become an echo of the discomfort of citizens who assure that the shortage is already being noticed and wander through different service stations.

In this way, in the morning hours the social networks They reported that in the Mendoza City There was no gas oil in the YPF in the Fundacional area, nor in the one on the Guaymaln side, nor in the Garibaldi and Costanera Shell.

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