The government bought 4,482 Taser electric pulse pistols, which in the coming months will be distributed to Police, Carabinieri and agents of the Guardia di Finanza. This was announced by Axon, a multinational that deals with security, which won the tender and signed the supply contract. The device had been trialled locally in recent years – with some problems – and has been used for years in the United States and some other countries as an alternative to firearms. However, the Taser is considered a controversial tool due to the side effects on the people who are affected.

The government has approved the purchase of the electric guns after an initial trial period lasting from 2018 to 2020, in various cities. For several years, the guarantor for the rights of prisoners Mauro Palma has criticized the government’s decision to test and subsequently buy Taser guns: in a recent report to Parliament, Palma wrote that the Taser should be considered “a real weapon” and that in several countries “extensive use of electric pulse weapons has led to abuse and fatal outcomes”.

In a 2019 survey, Reuters had found that up to that point at least 1,081 people had died in the United States after being shot by a Taser gun.