The girl bursts into tears after her mother surprises her by adopting the dog she saw online

Alexandria was browsing the Arizona Humane Society website when a photo of a black and white Pit Bull named Wyatt caught her eye – the 10-year-old quickly realized this was the perfect dog for her family.

“As soon as he saw Wyatt, he started crying and knew it was him right away – says Angela, Alexandria’s mother -. “He said, ‘He’s going to take care of us, Mom! If you go and get him, I promise you to love him forever and to take care of him ”».

Angela told her daughter they would have to wait a little longer before adopting a dog, but Alexandria kept checking Wyatt’s profile, making sure she was still available in case her mother changed her mind.

Wyatt arrived at the Arizona Humane Society in May, where he was treated for a cough. As soon as he felt better, he promptly won over the entire staff with his positive and loving attitude: “Everyone who knew him knew he was really sweet,” said Kelsey Dickerson. It was described as a great little treasure ».

Unbeknownst to Alexandria, her mother, however, made a secret appointment to meet Wyatt in person: “As soon as I met him, I knew he was the one for our family,” said Angela who decided to sign the documents on the spot. for adoption and took Wyatt to her daughter’s school to surprise her.

Surprisingly, the mother adopts them as the dog she wanted, the tears of a 10-year-old girl

When Alexandria walked out of class and saw Wyatt, she didn’t understand what was going on. It was only when her mother showed her the adoption papers that she realized Wyatt was now part of their family and the tears started to flow.

Since that day, Wyatt and Alexandria have been inseparable: «We take it everywhere we go: to the supermarket, to go hiking, swimming and taking many walks during the day – explains Angela -. This sweet and loving boy is completely tamed and knows a lot of tricks. He is really eager to please and is a great cuddly ».

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But despite the far from easy start to life, the two furballs have adapted beautifully to indoor life. Max and Blue are adorable – they got their first vet certificate of good health and thanks to that life-changing encounter they now have a warm home, a loving human to rely on and an Instagram page to pose for. .



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