It is thought that effeminate images do not correspond to men who must “defend the nation.”

The Chinese authorities have long tried to control the video game industry, at least within its borders. The last order given by the country has moved beyond the economic interests and the supposed addictions to the games on the part of the population: now they attack diversity in digital adventures. The giants of the video game, such as Tencent or NetEase, have been summoned by the authorities of the country to discuss about the male representation in the video game, which is perceived too “effeminate” for conservatives, the elderly, and leaders of the Communist Party.

In this sense, regulators have ordered greater resistance to the transmission of “abnormal aesthetics” and advocate for a more masculine representation, as reported by Yahoo! Since, according to the perspective of Chinese news agencies, it is considered that the video game sector must be reformed: “obscene and violent content, and those that generate unhealthy tendencies, such as the cult of money and effeminacy, must be eliminated.”

Several political leaders consider that video games soften the characterThe objective of the Chinese authorities is to avoid the possibility that the Chinese population is nurtured by the values ​​of the video game and are perceived weakerThus, according to an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong, “effeminate men are physically weak and emotionally fragile”, in addition to that “‘feminine’ men cannot defend the nation.” This adds to the idea of ​​several political leaders who consider that “excessive use of video games also contributes to a softening in the character of young men.”

Finally, it is also highlighted that heterosexuality is perceived as the only gender norm, which generates “anxiety” for groups whose representations are far from this sexuality and identity. China always you have tried to control the scope of the video game in his country, something that has led to minors having access to this entertainment for only 3 hours a week.

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