The Gezi Case from DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan: Everyone should make up their minds

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan spoke at the weekly evaluation meeting held at his party’s headquarters. Criticizing President Erdogan by making him watch his words about Saudi Arabia and Israel, Babacan also reacted to the decision announced in the Osman Kavala case.


Bringing Erdogan’s speech on the Jamal Khashoggi case transferred to Saudi Arabia, Babacan said:

  • First, ‘We don’t give the documents, do they think the world is a sucker?’ says. Then he returns, handing over the entire case file as it is. Does a president break his own word that much? In the event of an important development, he tells the citizens his reasons, saying, ‘We need to do something like this due to the new situation’.
  • But what happened now? Have we, as Turkey, become the sucker of the world? Why was this gruesome murder negotiable? Because there is money at stake. He does whatever he says he won’t do. He is playing with the reputation of the Republic of Turkey for the next few cents from Saudi Arabia.


Babacan, who also watched Erdogan’s speeches about Israel in the past, said that Erdogan said last week, “We have and will have relations with Israel in accordance with global, economic and social parameters. We cannot ignore this state.”

  • What is the foreign policy of saying ‘we cannot ignore Israel’ after years of talking about ‘state of terror’ and ‘state of occupation’? Where is the upright position? Are Turkey-Israel relations part of Mr. Erdogan’s personal agenda? You know, he was going to Gaza himself. He could not go to Gaza for 10 years, but for the first time in 14 years, an Israeli President came to Ankara.


  • What is the reason for this ‘U’ turn in relations with Israel? Hani used to say ‘one minute’. So ‘1 minute’. Indeed, in 1 minute, the ‘state of terror’ turned into a state to cooperate with. The currency dealings with Israel were suddenly enough to turn the tide. In this 1 minute, all the words were swallowed one by one.

Babacan answered Erdogan’s words, “It is clear that the way to effectively defend the Palestinian Cause is to have a reasonable, logical, consistent and balanced relationship with Israel.”

  • Oh, you knew this. Hands down, that’s right. He’s right here. But don’t they ask the man: If the way to defend the Palestinian cause was through a reasonable, logical, consistent and balanced relationship with Israel, then why did you spoil the relationship with Israel for years? It means that by being hostile to Israel and trying to make a premium on this in domestic politics, you actually caused the greatest damage to the Palestinian cause. This is exactly what you said.

“The decision was a striking indicator of how the judiciary is being used in politics”

There was also the Osman Kavala case on Babacan’s agenda. Babacan said, “The ballot box will be established and Turkey will breathe a sigh of relief. That day will be our holiday. Soon after, the judiciary will become independent. “Turkey will not be a country that violates the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court,” he said. Babacan used the following statements:

  • Kavala case. It’s not just the judges who have undersigned that decision. Under that decision, there is also the signature of today’s government, which points a finger at the judiciary from the top. The decision became a striking indicator of how the judiciary is being used as a political tool. Osman Kavala, Mücella Yapıcı, Çiğdem Mater, Hakan Altınay, Can Atalay, Mine Özerden, Yiğit Ekmekçi and Tayfun Kahraman. All these names have been wronged. A black stain was smeared on the forehead of the law. We will clean that stain. Justice will find its place. Justice will be served.”


  • The state cannot be ruled by doing injustice and lawlessness. Everybody make up your mind. At this point, the judiciary has become a tool of the climate of fear. The judiciary has turned into a stick used by the government to keep the society in line. It has been instrumentalized to silence business, civil society, the press, each and every one of us. Getting our country out of this spiral of fear is a matter of life and death.



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