the game in 41/20 on 80% shooting by Joel Embiid

Obliging off-peak hours, TrashTalk has made a habit of letting you emotionally relive the biggest moments of the past season every summer. Moreover, even in 2021, despite a summer that then put all our life forces into PLS, but that’s another story. So we go back to our good old formula, we take a few steps back, a few months, and we remember that this 2021-22 season was crazy, from the first day to the last. Today? We come back to the night when Joel Embiid gave everything to convince the basketball world that he deserved the title of MVP.

A race for the MVP, it will be played until the last day, and this, Joel Embiid understood it very well. In his fierce duel against Nikola Jokic last year – which he lost despite everything – Jojo gave us memorable performances, and more generally a very, very high level 2021-22 training. However, since it is not possible to review every game of the boy during this campaign, we have decided to keep the date of April 9, 2022, which perhaps represents the best season of the boy’s career.

In NBA jargon, the month of April is very often synonymous with the Playoffs. However, it is also where the last regular season games are played. For their penultimate meeting of this 2021-22 campaign, the Sixers and Pacers meet at the Wells Fargo Center, with different ambitions. In Indiana, if the bodies are indeed present in the room, the spirits are already long on vacation. Already that in normal times we should not expect much from the Farmers against Philadelphia, we expect the worst that night, because the band of Joel Embiid is clearly not here to laugh. Still in the race for second place in the East, Doc Rivers’ men are done. So Maxey, Harden, Harris and Green accompany Jojo, who has the title of MVP in mind, and sees in this meeting an opportunity to a statement game to get everyone to agree on who deserves the trophy the most Maurice Podoloff. Spoiler: he pulled it off pretty well.

From the beginning of the game, it was very logically the Sixers who took the lead in the wake of their franchise player, who at the end of the first quarter already had 11 points and 6 rebounds. In contrast, we would like to tell you about the “resistance” that the Pacers offer, but we will only talk about an “attempt to hold”. And for good reason, Indiana will only lead once in this meeting: 3-1 after one minute, and that’s it. Philly unfolds, and the neo-French splashes the game with all his talent. Thomas? Certainly. And-one? Too easy. A little walk back from the parking lot like I’m not 2m13 tall for 125kg? Do you want some here. In contrast, it must be said that Isaiah Jackson can do nothing, and even deserves applause for having the courage to make the journey with the sole purpose of being torn apart in all directions. The rest of the game would also be similar, despite a comeback by the Pacers to five small points in the third quarter, quickly destroyed by the omnipresence of Mister Embiid. Final score: 133-120 for the Sixers, who never really had to work. In this one-sided confrontation, therefore, one man will really stand out: Furkan Korkmaz Joel Embiid.

We’re clearly not going to waste your time unnecessarily so keep your eyes open and pack a fan to avoid heat stroke, because here’s the boy’s final stat line: 41 points, 20 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block on 14/17 shooting, including 2/2 from the park and 11/15 from the field. Holy day at work for Jojo, who for once we really couldn’t have asked for more. In 36 minutes and 56 seconds, the boy will have made the total to helpless Pacers. By the way, the pivot becomes only the fifth player in history to finish a 40/20 game shooting over 80%. The other names on the list? Charles Barkley, Bob Pettit, John Drew and Wilt Chamberlain, who has since directed it six times. What did you expect too? A fairly closed club, then, which Joel joins okay. Thirteenth game in 40/10 of the season, the performance of the boy will also allow him to close the title of top scorer, but there we completely stopped counting the achievements. We also can’t help thinking that almost four years ago, Embiid already put 40 points and 21 rebounds on the Pacers’ head! The coincidence is quite crazy, even though our hero of the day on this night in December 2018 only shot on 13/22 shooting. The nullos that.

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This April 9, 2022 was neither the first nor the last time Joel Embiid blew us away on a basketball court. And while that stratospheric 40/20 wasn’t enough to earn Jojo his first MVP title, there’s no debating that it was one of the greatest performances we’ve ever seen this season. So just for that, thank you dear countryman.



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