The Gallows State

The Gallows State


The modern State has received many names to qualify its function: Welfare State, Welfare State, Rule of Law, Social State, Democratic State, among others. Well, in the protests that have taken place in Iran since September 2022 on the occasion of the murder of the young Mahsa Amini, 750 people have been shot or beaten by the Revolutionary Guards or Basij militias. In the demonstrations that took place in 2019 there were 1,500 victims by firearms or blows that lost their lives. Every year since its implementation in 1979 after the fall of the Shathe Iranian theocratic regime has executed hundreds of people, homosexuals, accused of minor crimes that in the West would deserve at most a fine or a few months in jail, members of ethnic or religious minorities, human rights activists or dissidents. In fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds the sinister world record for executions per capita, surpassing China or the Gulf monarchies.

The massacre of the summer of 1988 is tragically famous when, by direct order of the Ayatollah Khomeini 30,000 political prisoners were hanged, many of them serving a firm sentence of imprisonment, in flagrant violation of the elementary principles of law, the majority affiliated with the organization of the People’s Mujahideen of Iran, the main opposition group to the clerical dictatorship. In a frantic rush forward, besieged by the persistent riots and strikes of recent months, the executioners of the Iranian people have executed 116 prisoners since the beginning of May, an execution every 5 hours! In view of this bloody history of cruel and inhuman repression, it can be stated with great terminological precision that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a gallows-state. The Shiite ayatollahs who have ruled the country for 44 years have turned the Iranian state into a merciless machine to liquidate to those of its citizens who show the slightest disaffection to the regime or who, in the exercise of their freedom, dare to disobey any of its tyrannical rules based on the most rigorous and fanatical interpretation of the Koran.

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The Iranian regime’s criminal activities against its own compatriots and abroad in theaters of conflict such as Siria, Iraq o Yemennot to mention the attempted terrorist attack in June 2018 in Villepinte (France) against the president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi, and the numerous international dignitaries who accompanied her, have reached such a point of virulence and aggressiveness that an unusual event has occurred: 112 former heads of State or Government from Europe and America have addressed an open letter to the President of the United States, to the President of the Council of the EU, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister of Canada, with a copy to the governments of the 27 EU member states, in which they strongly condemn the repression taking place in Iran, with special mention executions in recent months and the 1988 massacre, and explicitly support the CNRI and in particular the plan in 10 points of its president, which includes the separation of religion and state, gender equality, the denuclearization of Iran, free elections, freedom of expression and assembly, abolition of capital punishment and political autonomy within a united Iran for the different territorial communities . They also ask the recipients of the letter to proceed to the classification of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization in their respective countries and to take the necessary steps to bring the Iranian leaders responsible for crimes against humanity to justice. The list of signatories is impressive and includes former US Vice President Mike Pence, former presidents of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker and Romano Prodithe former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesaformer Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Italy Mateo Renzithe former president of Chile Ricardo Lagosformer Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadtthe former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar and the former Prime Minister of Portugal Peter Passos Coelho.

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Forty years of appeasement, dialogue and negotiations with the Iranian ayatollahs have not yielded any results, what is more, they have been counterproductive, because they have only managed to embolden them, so that they believe they are unpunished, that they promote their nuclear program with increasing impudence and that the suffering continues of the people of Iran subjected to their rule. There is a golden rule applicable to politics and life in general that says that if something does not work it is absurd to insist on it and you have to try something different. It is evident that the time has come for a change of approach in the relations of the Western democracies with the criminal theocracy prevailing in Iran that replace the policy of complacency practiced unsuccessfully for too long by one of firmness and effective containment. Given the current internal situation in Iran where the different families of the regime are facing each other, defections are beginning to occur in their ranks and all sectors of society are calling for the end of the religious dictatorship and the establishment of a secular and democratic republic. One would have to be blind or completely lacking in strategic intelligence not to understand that there is a real opportunity to take down a deadly enemy of the West if the right pressure from abroad is brought to bear to boost the morale of the people of Iran and bring an end to a time with the most iniquitous regime that has existed since Nazism and Stalinism showed the moral abysses to which human beings can descend if the good do nothing.

Article published in the newspaper Vozpopuli from Spain

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