The future AMD RYZEN 7000 processors and the future RADEON RX7000 launched at the same time next year?

A relatively reliable source, just mentioned, on Twitter the fact thatAMD was going to launch at the same time its future processors RYZEN 7000 and its future graphics cards RADEON RX 7000. The reds would therefore deliver ZEN 4 processors and RDNA3 graphics cards over the same period.

And as we know that the RYZEN 7000 in ZEN 4 must arrive at the end 2022 with an engraving fineness in 5 nm, we can also easily think that the same will be the case for the RADEON RX 7000, which are also expected in 5 nm.

Of course, as often, tweezers are required, but you still have to know that Broly_X1 had mentioned all the information from Computex and even the launch of the new RADEON PRO, proof that the latter must have some very well-placed informants.

source : Videocardz

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