The funny way Verstappen found out about Hamilton’s mistake

Max Verstappen lived a roller coaster of sensations in Baku. First, the joy of overtaking Leclerc and Hamilton to get placed first. Subsequently, he became calm by comfortably controlling the race seconding by a huge Czech Pérez, and later, in the absence of 5 laps, he was filled with rage and anger when he saw how his left rear wheel punctured when he had the victory in his hands. But that was not the last radical change of humor that the Dutchman would experience. A few minutes later, when he was in the medical center, without seeing what was happening on the track, his mobile did not stop vibrating. Something had happened. Hamilton had run off the track and Max had missed it. He could smile again. He could not take advantage of his superiority this weekend to take a slice and put a good blow to Lewis in the general, but at least, he stayed as he was when he saw that Hamilton did not score either.

“Until that moment I didn’t feel anything, and suddenly the left rear wheel went off and I hit the wall quite hard. It is not a good place to crash and of course it is very frustrating because it seemed that everything was under control, I was leading and doing the lap times that I should have, and losing so many points is a shame, but we were also lucky that Lewis did not have scored and we continue to lead, but I wanted to increase that difference and it is unfortunate, ”said the Dutchman before revealing that he did not see the Briton off the track live.

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“I have not seen him because he was in the medical center. Suddenly many messages reached me. I missed it, but it is what it is ”, commented a Verstappen who was full of praise for the career of his teammate Pérez.

“Checo has done everything you want him to do today. He had a good start, he was behind me, we both passed Lewis at the stop and it would have been an easy double. But I am frustrated on my part. Seeing Checo up there… I’m very happy for him, he’s a great guy, a great teammate. I am very happy to have seen him on the podium with that first position for Red Bull ”, he concluded.

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