The funniest memes of Poncho Zuleta's false relationship with his “frunita”

The funniest memes of Poncho Zuleta's false relationship with his “frunita”

This week the controversy circled the world of vallenato, because within the framework of the Carnival of Barranquilla, the singer Poncho Zuleta was seen to be very affectionate with a young woman, to the point that they kissed on the stage.

The situation caused intrigue because the rumor immediately spread about the new conquest of the interpreter of ‘Mañanitas de invierno’.

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Subsequently, the singer published states on Instagram with his new “conquest” and she was identified as Laury Marriaga, a young communicator who accompanied the artist and who also called “sweetheart”.

Finally, everything was consigned as a hoax, or rather, a marketing strategy to promote a musical release. More exactly, a song in collaboration with the comedian Juand Caribe.

The song is called “La Frunita”, as the woman who kissed Poncho was baptized and who quickly went viral on Instagram.

This was preceded by a big party, where Poncho arrived accompanied by his new girlfriend and a sumptuous gift, a Land Cruiser 300 truck, which according to some specialized portals exceeds 600 million pesos.

After it became known that the gift was false and that the alleged relationship was part of a marketing strategy, the memes began to circulate and Internet users brought out their creativity to make fun of the alleged couple.

This strategy was even described as a success by Laury herself, emphasizing that the country spent a whole week talking about this issue until the truth was known.

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In less than a day, the song already has more than 257,000 views on YouTube. Here we present the funniest memes of this “novel”.

Poncho Zuleta has his tender side 🥰🙈

— Doble_D (@DobleD777) February 25, 2023


— Carlos The Pig Molina 🐽 (@CarlosMolinaCer) February 26, 2023

Meanwhile, Poncho Zuleta’s girlfriend:

— Andrea (@Nosetwittears) February 26, 2023

Poncho Zuleta after having sex with Laury

— ® (@Daniel26N_) February 26, 2023



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