The full 2021 NFL preseason schedule, with schedules | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

After an initial announcement of the posters, the NFL completed its preseason schedule on Thursday by revealing the schedules for all preseason fixtures.

Here are these times according to Paris time.


Friday August 6
Pittsburgh vs. Dallas (FOX), 02h00


Friday August 13
Washington @ New England, 01h30
Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia, 01h30

Saturday August 14
Tennessee @ Atlanta, 01h00
Buffalo @ Detroit, 01h00
Dallas @ Arizona, 04h00

Miami @ Chicago, 19h00
Denver @ Minnesota, 22h00

Sunday August 15th
New Orleans @ Baltimore, 01h00
Cleveland @ Jacksonville, 01h00
New York Jets @ New York Giants, 01h30
Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay, 01h30
Houston @ Green Bay, 02h00
Kansas City @ San Francisco, 02h30
Seattle @ Las Vegas, 03h00
Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams, 04h00

Carolina @ Indianapolis, 19h00


Friday August 20
New England @ Philadelphia, 01h30

Saturday August 21
Kansas City @ Arizona (ESPN), 02h00
Cincinnati @ Washington, 02h00

Buffalo @ Chicago, 19h00
New York Jets @ Green Bay, 22h25

Sunday August 22
Baltimore @ Carolina, 01h00
Atlanta @ Miami, 01h00
Detroit @ Pittsburgh, 01h30
Tennessee @ Tampa Bay, 01h30
Houston @ Dallas, 02h00
Indianapolis @ Minnesota, 02h00
Las Vegas @ Los Angeles Rams, 04h00
Denver @ Seattle, 04h00

New York Giants @ Cleveland, 19h00

Monday 23 August
San Francisco @ Los Angeles Chargers, 01h30

Tuesday August 24
Jacksonville @ New Orleans (ESPN), 02h00


Saturday August 28
Indianapolis @ Detroit, 01h00
Pittsburgh @ Carolina, 01h30
Philadelphia @ New York Jets, 01h30
Minnesota @ Kansas City, 02h00

Green Bay @ Buffalo, 19h00
Baltimore @ Washington, 0h00

Sunday August 29
Chicago @ Tennessee, 01h00
Tampa Bay @ Houston, 02h00
Arizona @ New Orleans, 02h00
Los Angeles Rams @ Denver, 03h05
Los Angeles Chargers @ Seattle, 04h00

Jacksonville @ Dallas, 19h00
Miami @ Cincinnati (CBS), 22h00
Las Vegas @ San Francisco, 10:00 p.m.
New England @ New York Giants, 0h00

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Monday August 30
Cleveland @ Atlanta (NBC), 02h00

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