The French government bans streamer or esports anglicisms because they “degrade” the French language

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Maybe the streamers of Twitch or the leagues of esports are very topical, but you will not see these words in French government reports and documents because the French Ministry of Culture has just banned these anglicisms from the official gazette, forcing all government officials to use less common but “purely” French translations.

Among the official alternatives of the French government, are listed:

  • Pro-gamer -> Professional player (professional player)
  • Streamer -> Live player-host (live player-host)
  • Cloud gaming -> cloud gaming (cloud video game)
  • Esports -> Competitive video game (competitive video game)

As you point out The Guardiansome of these alternatives seem more forced than others, but the Académie Française (the French version of the RAE) believes that the technological jargon coming from the United States is causing a “degradation” of the French language that “should not be seen as inevitable”.

The Ministry of Culture adds that the video game sector in particular is “riddled with anglicisms” that could act as “a barrier to understanding” for non-gamers. That is, of those who do not play video games.

And although France had already issued warnings about imports such as big data o drive-ineven local brands like the train operator Ouigo (pronounced in French like the Anglo-Saxon expression we go“let’s go”), this is the first time that a ban reaches the official bulletin in writing.

The question is: how were those official translations decided? According to the Ministry of Culture, a group of experts searched video game websites and magazines if French terms already existed. I have not found results for “live player-host” in Google (except references to this news), so I suppose that in Spanish we will continue saying streamer until the RAE recommends adapting it as “estrimer” or something similar. Nope would the first turn.



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