After gas and fuels, clothes are also expected to cost more next year, as the price of raw materials has risen.

Soaring commodity prices

Since the pandemic crisis, the cost of raw materials has increased, impacting several economic sectors. In terms ofclothing, the price of cotton has increased by 47% in one year, and wool by 43%, reports the news site BFMTV.

Stores have no choice …

The cost of clothes will therefore probably fly away in 2022, and the French will have to be prepared to spend more on clothing. Energy and transportation prices increase the cost of manufacturing. Most brands believe that they will have no choice but to play on their selling prices.

An increase of 5 to 10%

According to the French Institute of Fashion (IFM), cited by LSA, nearly 6 out of 10 textile store chains are considering raising their prices next year. For 49% of the chains, the increases would be between 5 and 9%. However, this increase could reach up to 10% for a minority of them.

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