The fourth wave gives a truce: the weekly report showed a new drop in Covid-19 cases

Los positive cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) registered a decrease in the country for the second consecutive week, since this Sunday, June 12, they were officially reported 36,835 infections in the last seven days, 20 percent less than the previous report.

The previous Sunday, the Ministry of Health had reported 46,045 infections and 84 deaths from Covid-19 in the preceding seven days, 10% less than the previous record, which represented the first drop in at least two months.

Vaccination against Covid-19 cost Argentina almost $100 billion

With the latest figures, The total number of people infected with coronavirus since the start of the outbreak in Argentina rises to 9,313,453in March 2020, while they are 128,994 deaths accumulated by the pandemic.

According to the latest official report, 21 people died from Covid-19 in the last weekwhen there had been 84 deaths recorded seven days earlier.

According to the WHO, more than two-thirds of the world’s population has antibodies against covid

On the other hand, there are 375 patients with coronavirus hospitalized in intensive care, while the service beds for adults with all types of pathology, in public and private health centers, was 43.5 percent in the country.

The jurisdictions that reported the most positive cases of coronavirus in the last seven days are the province of Buenos Aires (13,450 and 3,647,681 accumulated), CABA (9,195 and 1,103,325), Córdoba (4,839 and 993,295), Santa Fe (1,067 and 745,886), San Juan (1,043 and 149,682), Catamarca (956 and 88,602), Mendoza (945 and 275,964), Corrientes (876 and 137,760), Chaco (861 and 168,962) and Santa Cruz (727 and 89,781).



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