One more week of total uncertainty begins for Argentine soccer. In the Colón World, despite the fact that Eduardo Domínguez along with Professor Santella and most of the players are already in a position to train, there is no green light at all. Only for individual training, which depends on the physical space of each address.

As soon as the dates are specified, the important players who are abroad will return: “Pulga” Rodríguez in Simoca, province of Tucumán; Uruguayans Leo Burián and Rafa García in Montevideo; Lucas Viatri in the province of Buenos Aires.

In the midst of this problem, the leaders try to advance as much as they can in putting together the new budget, of the post-pandemic. The first step, phase 1 of the plan, sought that the footballers who left (Da Luz, Schmidt, Estigarribia, Celis, Esparza, Gastón Díaz, Zuqui), accept some reductions, collect the debt and sign the contract. As already mentioned, the only one who did not reach an agreement was the “Pelado” Matías Fritzler.

Now, phase “2”, to call it in some way, was able to “shield” youth contracts, extend the link – almost all of them go until December 2022 – and secure assets. The soccer players Tomás Chancalay, Tomás Sandoval, Santiago Pierotti and Brian Farioli, as well as Facundo Garcés, are on that list that only “must sign”. It is that, in those five cases, the word agreements are already on the table.

Now, phase 3 that President José Vignatti has devised is not surprising, because it was also the same pope maximum sabalero who announced it publicly: seek the reduction of the contracts that are in force.
Once the footballers can physically be in Santa Fe, the first “cut” in the round of negotiations includes four names: the “Flea” Luis Miguel Rodríguez, Brian Fernández, Lucas Viatri and the Uruguayan defender Rafa García.

For many, this four contract clover fell out of maturity:

– 1) When he signed “Pulga” Rodríguez, idol of Atlético Tucumán, Colón made the loudest bombshell in that pass market.

– 2) When he decided to indulge Brian Fernández, the player-fan, he was buying the fifth Argentine top scorer in the world (he came from MLS).

– 3) Finally, the cases of Lucas Viatri and Rafa García came as a consequence of despair in the last market due to the issue of descent. They came with “almost dollarized” wages.

This will be the great challenge of José Vignatti aiming at the new Colon: “lower” the highest salaries of the “old” campus and start putting together the “other” budget, the one that comes post-coronavirus.

In these four cases, even, Colón is willing to listen to offers to find a common solution with the soccer players’ representatives. Of all of them, for obvious reasons, the most complicated thing is that of Brian Fernández, because the “38” comes without a football shoot or continuity in recent times. If it remains, it is the great parallel exam for Eduardo Domínguez as coach.

Fixing the debts of those who left was phase 1. Fixing the contracts of the club players who were with short maturities was phase 2. Finally, phase 3 is to go for pruning and remove the most important current contracts; then it will be the rest.

Both Cristian Bragarnik (Brian Fernández’s agent) and Roberto San Juan (representative of “Pulga” Rodríguez) are expecting what will be the heads-up of Vignatti with the two player-franchises.

The Simoca-born (over there PR7 … over here PR10) has one more year left in his contract in Santa Fe: before the pandemic, he had said that he wanted to stay in Colón without hearing offers. The scorer born in the “Republic of Yapeyú” has much more time to bond, but as Bragarnik himself said, “his fight is day by day.”


Leonardo Burián anticipated from Uruguay that he will continue in Colón and fulfill the remaining contract year. It is expected in the coming days and so the rumors that gave rise to the possibility of breaking his current relationship with the club dissipate.

The little Moschión boy is excited

Tomás Moschión, youth sabalero, spoke to Radio Eme Deportivo and started explaining this time of pandemic: “For the time being, time is passing quickly, there is always something to do, so I am doing well. I miss training very much, day by day, Facundo Centurión, Eric Meza, Román Barreto and Juan Cruz Zurbriggen, are the ones who usually share mate. I also miss the games. ”

“I was born in Coronda in 2000. I have played in Colón since I was nine years old, a central midfielder today. I started playing as a striker until they brought me down to midfield, I played as a midfielder on the wing until I finished 5. Soccer occupies my life, it is what I want to do and it is a lot for me, ”said Moschión.

“I had games that I even played as a central defender. I like to play loose but the coach, Pablo Bonaveri, asks me to help the defenders ”, he explained about what the Reserve coach is asking him to do.

In turn, Moschión told how his time with the Argentina National Team was: “It was something incredible, I was with Braian Galván. We also train with players such as Fausto Vera, Agustín Almendra, Marcelo Weigandt, Benjamín Garré, Facundo Colidio ”.

Finally, the kid referred to the DT’s return to Colón and said: “I am happy that Eduardo Domínguez is back, he knows me and took me into account. I was not lucky enough to be considered by previous coaches. I had ups and downs like anybody has, what I want is to be regular with a high level ”.