Five films from the ‘The Purge’ saga have been released, so it is worth doing a ranking to classify them from worst to best according to the score given by the specialized critic in Metacritic.

Five films have already been released that make up the franchise of The purge, created by James DeMonaco and who recently finally released The Forever Purge, in which a minority group begins to break the rules and eventually extend indefinitely the 12 hours in which all crimes have no legal consequences. It is time to make a ranking of the deliveries, from worst to best, all based on the rating that specialized critics give and compiled by Metacritic.

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It should be noted that the five films maintain a certain level of acceptance, so there is not much difference between the worst and the best, although we did also put the average rating that the public gave to each installment, to have another point of reference on this saga produced by Blumhouse studios.

There are currently plans to carry out the sixth installment of The purge, however, there is still no green light from the studio. Of course, if approved, the story could return again to Frank Grillo, but everything seems to depend on the box office performance of the fifth installment, which is still available in cinemas in Mexico and in various parts of the world.

The Night of Atonement (The Purge)

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The Night of Atonement is the movie that began with the entire phenomenon of The Purge in 2013. Set in a future period in the United States in which the government approves all kinds of crimes for 12 hours, so a man tries to protect her family from the various attacks they experience at home. This movie received 41 on a scale of 100 by specialized critics, while the public gave it 5.3 out of 10.

12 hours to survive (The Purge: Anarchy)

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12 Hours to Survive came in 2014 to expand this universe. The film has as protagonists five characters who will seek to protect their lives at any cost, with everything and the vile intentions of people who want to take advantage of the annual event with legal crimes. The specialized critic gave him a score from 50 out of 100, while the general public gave it 6.4 out of 10.

The Forever Purge

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The purge forever presents a story set in Texas and centered on six characters mainly, three from Mexico and three from the United States. The purge event unfolds normally, until one group breaks the rules and extends the slaughter indefinitely, so people must seek to survive at all costs, even though it is daylight. The critic gave him 53 out of 100, while the public gave it 5.2 out of 10.

12 Hours to Survive: The Beginning (The First Purge)

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12 hours to survive: The beginning is the prequel to the saga that explains how the idea of ​​the purge came about. It turns out that the New Founding Fathers of America wanted to test their theory and give people the opportunity to commit crimes without legal consequences for a short period of time, yet everything gets out of hand. Critics gave him an average of 54 out of 100, while the public rated it 4.6 out of 10.

12 Hours to Survive: The Purge: Election Year

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12 Hours to Survive: Election Year is the third installment in the saga, in which Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) returns, but now as Chief of Security to Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), whom he must protect in his presidential career; the problem is that they run into the purge and there are many interests involved. The critic gave him a total of 55 out of 100, while the public rated it with an average of 6.0 out of 10.