With the Nations League closed with the third final place, Italy must now immediately turn the page and concentrate all its forces on the decisive match for the qualification for the World Cup that the Azzurri will play on November 12 against Switzerland. A match that Mancini’s men cannot fail: the headquarters of the Olimpico in Rome confirmed.

L’Italy leaves behind the Nations League with the third place achieved thanks to the success in the ‘final’ against Belgium: a success that allows you to deny a physiological misstep – in the presence of a very strong opponent and after the monstrous record streak of 37 games without defeat – the semifinal lost against Spain. Now Mancini’s men must concentrate all their technical and mental resources on fundamental match against Switzerland that in exactly a month, on November 12th, will see them host Shaqiri and his teammates to take home the qualification for the next ones World Cup in Qatar.

A match in which a draw could be enough for the blues, in light of the fact that they currently have a 3-point advantage over the Swiss and even if Yakin’s team wins their next match with Lithuania, alongside Italy at the top of the group standings. , the goal difference should still be in our favor (now it’s + 11 versus + 5). After the direct match then both teams will play a final match: Italy away against Northern Ireland, Switzerland at home with Bulgaria. As you can see, the variables are still many and therefore it will be better not to take the field thinking likewise, but rather to mathematically close the practice by beating the Swiss, who turned out to be more difficult opponents than previously thought at the time of the draw for the group.

The blues will have the advantage, hopefully decisive, of the home factor, since they will play at home: the doubt – revealed in the last hours – was about what this house would be. The match is in fact scheduled at the stadium Olympic in Rome, but the conditions of the turf may not be in optimal conditions on the evening of that 12 November, given the tour de force to which the pitch will be subjected in the days preceding the match: on 4 November Roma-Bodo Glimt will be played, on 6 Italy-New Zealand by rubgy, the 7th Lazio-Salernitana. In short, Mancini’s team runs the risk of not being able to assert their superior technical rate on a badly reduced lawn: hence the hypothesis of changing the venue of the match was born. And instead the match was officially confirmed at the Olimpico in Rome, as reported to Ansa da Sport e Salute – or the company that manages the facility – after an inspection carried out with the officials of the Football Federation.

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In the past few hours – when people were still thinking about a possible change of venue – the alternative hypotheses to the Olimpico had been examined in the Federcalcio, in concert with Roberto Mancini. According to the Corriere della Sera, the Meazza stadium in Milan had been discarded after the whistles in Donnarumma: on November 12, in fact, a hiss will not have to fly, but only applause to push the Azzurri to take the last step towards the World Cup and take off the monkey of the failure of 4 years ago, when at San Siro the team then coached by Ventura failed to beat Sweden, throwing an entire country into despair. Excluding the Meazza, the most popular alternatives were Bergamo e Torino, the latter site of the recent match won against Belgium. Finally, there were also in the rosary of possible stadiums that could have hosted the match against the Swiss Naples and Bologna. None of this will take place on November 12: Italy-Switzerland will be played in Rome, with an entire population blowing behind Mancini’s blues.

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