The FLS Unit of the North Sanitary Area of ​​Córdoba, awarded by the Society …

The fragility fracture monitoring unit -FLS Unit- of the Locomotor System Unit of the North Sanitary Area of ​​Córdoba has been awarded the second prize in the Fragility Fractures category at the LXXII Congress of the Andalusian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -SAMFYRE- held in Islantilla, Huelva, last June 24-26.

The rehabilitators Antonio Jiménez and Natalia Angélica Barahona and the physiotherapist María José Justicia announced the care program that the FLS unit (Fracture Liaison-Service) of Pozoblanco has established for patients with fragility hip fractures and their home follow-up.

This program has proven its effectiveness and efficiency in the management of the fragile patient with a hip fracture. Every patient admitted with a fragility hip fracture is visited before discharge by a physiotherapist who explains to the patient and their caregivers the exercises and guidelines to be carried out during their stay and at home. Within the program About the hospital that the physiotherapist of the FLS Unit maintains the follow-up of the patient through periodic visits up to 6 months. In them, a general assessment of the patient is made, of his articular and muscular balance, his functional capacity and his family support. If in this process any complication is identified or there is any previous or concomitant pathology that may alter the recovery of the patient or if the result is not optimal or pain and / or limitation persists, an appointment is made for evaluation by the rehabilitating physician or the orthopedic surgeon. who performed the intervention.

Simultaneously, the case manager nurse and the orthopedic surgeon who operated on the patient carry out an analytical and clinical control on each and every one of the patients in the program every six months until 3 years after the fracture, where follow-up falls exclusively on Primary Care.


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