Some have stayed together since kindergarten, others only met in the 12th grade, attending the same class at Penafiel Secondary School. Now they go together with the same goal: to be doctors. They all entered Medicine at the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS) in Porto.

Not everyone has dreamed of this course ever since. There were those who hesitated and found out about other areas, and there were those who had cherished the idea since the 8th grade. Alice Lopes (20 average values), Filipa Meireles (19.22), João Gonçalves (19.37), Juliana Correia (19.12), and Patrícia Ferreira (19.55) are 18 years old and are from Penafiel. Results achieved with “effort and work” and without giving up other activities. When they graduate, they will be the first doctors in their families.

In addition to being in the same class, most of these young people attended the same study academy, to prepare for the Mathematics exam, and exchanged ideas and doubts. “Towards the end, we already knew that we all wanted to join the ICBAS, in Medicine, and we were already commenting: “let’s see if we all get in””, they say. The choice fell on this institute due to the quality of its teaching and the notion that there is “mutual help and cooperation” among students, more than competition, affirm the young people. In higher education they are in different classes, but they have gone to academic activities together. “And we intend to study together in our free time, to be more enriching”, they add.


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