The famous Amazon Prime Day will be celebrated next June 21 and 22, and on these dates we will enjoy an immense amount of offers with which we can get impressive discounts on highly desired products throughout the year.

But if you are one of those who do not like to wait, Amazon has prepared the odd surprise in advance: a couple of offers that will be difficult to reject.

Just remember that you need to be a Prime member to enjoy Amazon Prime Day discounts. If you are not yet, do not worry, you still have time. You can register here for free and enjoy a 30-day trial period. Once that time passes, the price is 99 pesos per month, but you can unsubscribe at any time without ever having to pay more.

Router Eero. Photo:

If you suffer from WiFi connectivity problems and wireless coverage at home, it is very likely that the signal from your Wifi router will not reach every corner of your home. There are solutions such as repeaters that allow you to increase the coverage of your network, but in some cases it is not enough or its configuration ends up being a problem.

Luckily, mesh technology arrived, which is nothing more than an intelligent and automatic function that allows you to connect devices from the same manufacturer to create a virtual mesh with which to weave a wireless network throughout your home with great ease.

That is what the Amazon Eero promises, a router that is responsible for replacing the unit you have at home to manage the home connectivity alone. You can start by installing a unit, but if you want to have a wide wireless network without coverage problems, the interesting thing is to place a total of 3 or more units.

Its installation is tremendously easy, and with only having the main unit installed, we will only have to connect additional units to expand the network. The best thing about this system is that you will always be able to expand the network with new units whenever you want, so now you can buy one unit, and later another.

And now it is a unique opportunity to buy it because it offers a discount of $ 1,000 pesos for Prime members compared to its usual price of $ 2,499 pesos, that is, you save 40%.

Ring cámara de exteriores

Outdoor camera ring. Photo:

Another of the products that arrive with advance promotion to Prime Day, is this Ring outdoor surveillance camera. It is a very simple model to install because it has two batteries internal that allows it to work without external power (you will have to charge them approximately every 4 months). Luckily, there is also an optional accessory that will charge the batteries thanks to a solar cell that we can place next to the camera.

Being a camera with a wireless connection, we can review the image captured live from our mobile phone whenever we want, being able to receive notifications by motion detection, and view at night with the help of your two integrated LED lights.

It has a viewing angle of 140 degrees and its resolution in Full HD, so the videos recorded in the cloud will be of very good quality. Of course, this cloud recording function has a trial period of 30 days, and then you will have to subscribe to the monthly subscription service if you want to have recordings of each movement detected.

This Ring camera is now offered to Prime members with a discount of $ 1,250 pesos over its usual price of $ 4,999 pesos, which means you save 25%.

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