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The NFL is really getting started again!

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys (31:29) started the season with superstar Tom Brady (44) with a field goal two seconds before the end, the other NFL clubs have now started.

All games from Sunday and Monday night – here in an overview!

Cleveland Browns – Kansas City Chiefs 29:33

What a thriller! The Browns lead into the 4th quarter, everything looks like a big surprise. But then the Chiefs strike back and turn the game around.

Chiefs megastar Patrick Mahomes (25) was once again the boss on the pitch! The super quarterback throws two touchdown passes, even runs once into the end zone.

In the 1st quarter it’s all around the outside line! Cleveland’s Safety Ronnie Harrison Jr. (24) freaks out. If you step on an opponent who is lying on the ground, you get into a scuffle with another opponent – and push Greg Lewis, the Chiefs’ assistant coach. Harrison justifiably flies down for that!

The Browns now have 17 (!) Defeats at the start of the season in a row – NFL negative record.

Miami Dolphins – New England Patriots 17:16

The duel between the two former Alabama quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa (23) and Mac Jones (23). Both played together and are friends.

Mac Jones is supposed to be built into a “Mini-Brady” at the Partios. The young playmaker ousted superstar Cam Newton (32), who was then fired. By the way, it looks like no team wants Newton.

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In the end, the Dolphins win after Damien Harris (24) lost the ball from the Patriots and could let the clock run down at the end.

Green Bay Packers – New Orleans Saints 3:38

What a pack for the packers!

Reigning season MVP Aaron Rodgers (37) with a disaster performance in the second half with two interceptions.

After Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans, no home game is possible there at the moment. Instead, the Saints play against the Packers in Jacksonville. Nevertheless, there is a home atmosphere! Because the “saints” take apart the favorite!

Denver Broncos – New York Giants 27:13

Dominant away win for the Broncos at MetLife Stadium. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (28) shines. After an early 3-7 deficit, there is no doubt about Denver’s success.

Bitter: Wideout Jerry Jeudy (22) had to be driven out of the arena with an ankle injury in the second half. He was injured catching a Bridgewater pass.

San Francisco 49ers – Detroit Lions 41:33

Touchdown Festival at the 49ers versus the Lions!

The 2020 Super Bowl finalist from California dominated the game from the start. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (29) caught a creamy day with 314 yards and a touchdown. A total of nine touchdowns – crazy!

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Outstanding: A 79-yard touchdown throw from Garoppolo on Deebo Samuel (25)!

Pittsburgh Steelers – Buffalo Bills 23:16

What an exciting game!

Crucial scene: The Steelers hit an extremely important field goal over 45 yards three minutes before the end at 23:13 and decide the game.

For the Bills, the defeat is an unexpected false start for the highly traded team around quarterback Josh Allen (25).

Indianapolis Colts – Seattle Seahawks 16:28

Quarterback Wilson and his super receivers Metcalf & Lockett dismantle the Colts!

Star quarterback Russell Wilson (32) convinced once again with four touchdowns and 254 yards.

Houston Texans – Jacksonville Jaguars 37:21

Surprise! The Texans, traded by many experts as “0-17” (no win of the season), win against the worst team of the previous season around No. 1 draft pick Trevor Lawrence (21).

Los Angeles Chargers – Washington Football Team 20:16

The Chargers decide a mad game with less than a minute to go!

After a fumble on the opponent’s 4-yard line, LA comes very close to the ball. Justin Herbert (23) finds Mike Williams (26) with a short pass to the left, who sets the catch to 16:20 and the game turns!

Which: In the preseason, the Chargers lost all close games, now they have a narrow opening win for the defensive football team.

Minnesota Vikings – Cincinatti Bengals 24:27

Mega tension right up to overtime!

Evan McPherson (22) scores with a field goal to win. Man, what nerves does the boy have! His teammates carry him across the pitch on their shoulders after the game.

The Vikings and Bengals split with 24:24 in overtime, but then the Bengals decide with a field goal for a 27:24 victory.

Philadelphia Eagles – Atlanta Falcons 32:6

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (23) really hurts Atlanta. He puts on four touchdowns. The weak Falcons only manage two field goals.

Arizona Cardinals – Tennessee Titans 38:13

What a home debacle for the Titans!

And that with an outstanding performance by Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (24). He throws four touchdowns and even runs one more.

New York Jets – Carolina Panthers 14:19

The Panthers around star running back Christian McCaffrey (25) keep the jets around rookie quarterback Zach Wilson (22) in check!


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