Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Home Business The first motorcycle in its history .. Aston Martin unveils AMB 001...

The first motorcycle in its history .. Aston Martin unveils AMB 001 .. Photos

Again Aston Martin surprised us with its ability to innovate and deliver unusual products from the British luxury car company.

Aston Martin presents the first motorcycle in the history of the company named AMB 001 developed in cooperation with the motorcycle company Brough Superior. The AMB 001 has a low profile and smooth lines with a convex front, and the super bike offers a luxurious leather seat for the comfort of riding. It has a high-performance turbocharged engine capable of producing 180 horsepower while the bike weighs 180 kg.

Aston Martin will sell only 100 copies of its first motorcycle at a price of $ 120,000 each, which will be dedicated to the circuit and illegal on the roads, and will start delivery Aston Martin early next year.


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