“The seventh day” was observed in a video, the first day after the departure of the doctor, Mohamed Mashaly, the doctor of the overpower, in Said Street in Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, on the first day of its closure after serving the families of the poor and low-income for more than 50 years during the last period, after He was buried yesterday in his hometown of Beheira Governorate.

In this regard, he met the seventh day with the neighbors in front of the clinic of the late doctor Muhammad Mashali, the doctor of the overpowering. From the positions of love during the past years with the late doctor, and from the moment he received the news of his death, uncle Syed learned from a neighbor of his death in his home, and his two sons attended and they closed the clinic and entrance to the medical center completely until the completion of burial procedures and discussed the future of the clinic during the coming period.

The young man, Ahmed Ibn the owner of the building in which the late Dr. Muhammad Mashali’s clinic is located, said that he was kind-hearted and loved by everyone, as he was not a searcher for the money and did not fail with any patient at all, and any poor person who visited his clinic was examining him and offering him treatment for free, as he lost The physician was already overwhelmed, and he kept daily the cleanliness of the entrance to his clinic in Amara without any shyness, and he did not close his clinic daily at various times and occasions, as his clinic was open daily from 9 am to 9 pm, tirelessly by Dr. Muhammad Mashaly, praying to God to sheath him with his mercy And to provide his family and children with patience and solace.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Muhammad Mashaly was born in the village of Dahr Al Temsah, affiliated to the Itai Baroud Center in Beheira Governorate, and moved to Gharbia Governorate from a young age and settled with his family. He was also appointed to the rural sector in Gharbia Governorate, and he was promoted to the position of Director of the Endemic Diseases Hospital and then Director of the Medical Center Saeed.