The first comment from health on the “Death Clinic” in which Ramy Sabry’s brother died | video

Dr. Hisham Zaki, Director of the Non-Governmental Treatment Institutions Department at the Ministry of Health, said that the sanatorium from which the brother of the artist Ramy Sabry fled before his death is a villa with a number of inmates, stressing that this sanatorium is undeclared.

Ramy Sabry’s brother clinic
He added: The sanatorium of the artist’s brother, Rami Sabry, does not meet the health requirements and the minimum standards for infection control are not present, stressing that the sanatorium did not apply for a license from the Ministry of Health.

Close unlicensed facilities
He continued, “The clinic does not follow health facilities, and there are ongoing inspections campaigns, and 107 unlicensed health facilities were closed within two weeks for the treatment of addicts.”

The arrest of the owner of an addiction treatment clinic

The security services of the Giza Security Directorate had arrested the owner of an addiction treatment clinic in which Karim Sabry, brother of singer Ramy Sabry, was being treated before he escaped and drowned in the Mariouteya Canal in the Badrashin area, south of Giza Governorate.

The escape of the brother of the singer Ramy Sabry

A security source revealed new details about the death of the brother of the singer Rami Sabry, who drowned in the Mariouteya Canal, after he managed to escape and jump from the top of the sanatorium’s wall in the Badrashin area. addiction treatment.

Singer Ramy Sabry’s brother escaped from the sanitarium

The source added that after the singer’s brother, Rami Sabry, escaped and jumped into the Mariouteya Canal, a security force went to the clinic’s headquarters, and by examining the licensing papers, it was found that they were unlicensed.

sanatorium waxing

He explained that the sanatorium was holding about 70 people, who left the place before they were waxed by the concerned authorities, stressing that the security services arrested 3 people in charge of the sanatorium to hear their statements about the incident.

Brother of singer Ramy Sabry

Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of Giza Investigations, received a notification from Brigadier General Hossam Lafi, the commissioner of the Badrashin Center, of a signal from the Emergency Police Department that there was a drowning person in the Mariouteya Canal, within the center, and a security force moved to the location of the communication to determine the circumstances, circumstances and motives of the incident, headed by Captain Mohamed Gamal Barghash and Captain Ahmed Fayez. Center investigation assistants.

Singer Ramy Sabry

Investigations by Colonel Muhammad Abdul Shakour, inspector of the investigations of the Al-Ayat and Badrashin Division, and Lieutenant-Colonel Hossam Bakir, the squad’s deputy, revealed that the singer’s brother, Rami Sabry, suffers from drug addiction, especially the narcotic drug, heroin, and escaped from a clinic and threw himself in the canal, before the clinic staff followed him.

Singer Ramy Sabry’s brother drowned

Investigations revealed that the deceased was called “Karim,” 34 years old, the brother of singer Ramy Sabry, who was suffering from heroin addiction.

Investigations indicated that last Saturday evening, the young man’s family had forcibly deposited their son in a clinic, hoping to cure him and rid his body of heroin.

Brother of singer Ramy Sabry

Investigations indicated that the brother of the singer Rami Sabry climbed the fence of the sanatorium, and fled to be followed by the administrative security personnel and supervisors of the sanatorium, but he rushed to the course of the Mariouteya Canal to drowned.

addiction treatment clinic

A security source clarified that the sanatorium where the singer’s brother, Ramy Sabry, was deposited, is one of several sanatoriums operating in secret and without permission from the competent authorities, confirming that it was closed and legal action was taken against those in charge of it on charges of running an addiction treatment facility without a license from the competent administrative authorities.

Reservation of hospital staff

And the security services in Giza kept a number of sanatorium workers, and they were discussed to find out the circumstances of the drowning accident, Karim Sabry’s brother, the singer, Ramy Sabry, and how he got out of the sanitarium.

The autopsy of the brother of the singer Ramy Sabry

The forces were able to retrieve the body of the young man, and it was deposited inside the mortuary at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which ordered an autopsy on the body of Karim, brother of the singer Rami Sabry, to explain the cause and how of his death, after he drowned in the Mariouteya Canal in Badrashin area, while escaping from an unlicensed sanatorium for the treatment of addiction. A decision was also issued to authorize the burial of the body, after the forensic medicine sector completed the autopsy.


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