The first batch of Sputnik V vaccines produced in Argentina was approved and they will begin to distribute them

The Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, of the Russian Federation, approved today the first 140,625 doses of component 1 of the Sputnik V vaccine that were produced in Argentina by Richmond Laboratories. This was reported this afternoon to President Alberto Fernández by the CEO of that pharmaceutical company, Marcelo Figueiras.

“A few moments ago the Gamaleya Institute gave us approval of the first industrial batch manufactured by Laboratorios Richmond to be used in our country,” said Figueiras in a videoconference with Fernández.

As detailed, it is a first batch of 140,625 doses of component 1 of the vaccine, while the laboratory has already produced approximately 1.3 million doses of component 1 and 1,010,000 doses of component 2 that will be authorized in the following days.

The president thanked him “from the heart on behalf of all Argentines” and assured that it is “an infinite advance because it is very important that in a time like the one the world lives in Argentina we are producing a vaccine of the quality of the Sputnik V “.

“It fills us with pride. And beyond what we can help from the State, the merit is yours, that you invested so that Argentina is in a position to produce what it is producing and to supply the vaccines that we need so much. It is a huge pride that an Argentine laboratory has the technological capacity to develop a product as careful and as special as a vaccine of the nature of the vaccine against COVID-19 ”, he highlighted.

In addition, the President remarked that it is “a very important step and a private company has done it, the State has helped in what was within its reach, but the central merit is of private activity, which bet on technology, which put all the technology needed to produce this ”.

The President also pointed out that today is “a sad day because we have unfortunately passed the number of 100,000 deceased” and considered that “the best tribute we can pay them is to take care of those who are there and one way is to be able to continue making the vaccine in Argentina ”.

For his part, Figueiras also said he was proud of the achievement and conveyed his gratitude “to all those who collaborated with this process to be able to meet this challenge in such a short time, to the Presidency, to the Ministries of Health, of Economy and Productive Development, and to ANMAT, which supported and guided us, to our colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, especially MR Pharma, and to so many companies from Argentina and abroad that have helped us, and especially our scientists, doctors , technicians, professionals who gave everything and will continue to give it ”.

“We are proud to add our humble contribution,” he said, noting: “We are with you to try to make a better country, count on us, we know we can count on you.”

The vaccines produced by Richmond are made with the antigen that is imported by Argentina from Russia. Formulation, filtering and packaging are carried out locally in order to strengthen the Strategic Vaccination Plan.

To date, Argentina has received 31,255,730 doses, of which 11,868,830 correspond to Sputnik V, (9,375,670 for component 1 and 2,493,160 for component 2); 9,072,000 to Sinopharm; 580,000 to AstraZeneca-Covishield, 1,944,000 to AstraZeneca through the WHO COVAX mechanism, and 7,790,900 to AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active ingredient was produced locally.

From the technology transfer of the Gamaleya Institute, it was possible for Argentina to produce vaccines against COVID-19 -with proven efficacy and safety- for the Argentine population and with a regional perspective, which positions the country as a key actor in the development of vaccines in the world.

Thus, from the beginning, the national State accompanied the efforts to finalize these agreements between public and private, enabling the Richmond Laboratory to carry out the technology transmission process and that the Sputnik V vaccine is currently produced from the antigen prepared in the plant located in Russia.

This stage called fill and finish consists of the final filling and conditioning of the vaccine, a production stage conducted in segregated facilities dedicated exclusively to the production of components 1 and 2 of the Sputnik V vaccine.

Likewise, the ANMAT will supervise and verify by means of the release of the elaborated batches so that they comply with the entire quality control process necessary for the care of the population.


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