Helene Fischer (37) has a lot to do this week. Her new album “Rausch” will be released on Friday. In addition, the singer is currently in front of the camera for several TV appearances, including being in Berlin to take part in the show “Small versus large – the unbelievable duel”. In the show, the musician sings her new song “Volle Kraft Ahead”. So there can be no question of a pregnancy break. The singer recently confirmed that she is going to be a mother. The child’s father is her boyfriend Thomas Seitel (36).

Now the first recordings of the show, which will be broadcast on Thursday, have surfaced. Two dancers from their team have posted impressions on their Instagram profile. Fischer’s baby luck can be clearly seen on it. A tummy can be seen under her pastel-colored outfit. The singer is currently said to be in her seventh month. The recordings are making the rounds on numerous Fischer fan pages online.

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