The fight for the NBA ring burns: Curry, reduced, Boston hits

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The NBA Finals are already underway… and with a big surprise. It is well known that when this time of the season arrives, basketball does not listen to reason or logic and that is why Golden State Warriors fell at home (108-120) and they lost the advantage given by the court factor despite the fact that they signed an exceptional start with a Curry plugged in that little by little was diluted. The Boston Celtics are already ahead in the series and they are one step closer to winning the ring again.

The start of the clash presaged something totally different from what was experienced at the end and what the score dictated. Stephen Curry felt like. He was eager to get out in front of his public, crush the Celtics, be an important man and show off at the key moment of the whole year. And this was reflected in the initial moments. Nothing less than 15 points almost in the blink of an eye for the outstanding Warriors that made his team begin to take advantages to be taken into account already at the beginning.

In Boston, just Smart and Robert Williams, with a misguided and missing Tatum, They managed to keep the situation afloat. However, the feelings that Golden State was sweeping were far above what the numbers actually said because the Celtics they were always relatively close on the scoreboard. And it is that Curry closed the first quarter with six triples.the man who has scored the most in a quarter in the Finals.

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But the visitors, those in green, never left the game. They knew how to carve out their comeback, so much so that at the break they were two points ahead (54-56). Everything to decide in the second part. Then, in the third quarter, a new violent attack came from Curry and his companions and Golden State went back on the scoreboard to obtain maximum advantages in the game of up to 12 points. Everything was decided… Or at least it seemed that way because the Celtics brought out their winning gene. The shock made a full turn and with White y Pritchard as great protagonists came the turn favorable to Boston. In the end, the 12 points above went to those of Tatum, they already have the first win of the series in their possession.



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