The Federation Council criticized the State Department’s demand for Russia’s maneuvers near Ukraine – Gazeta.Ru

January 12, 2022 11:47 am


Federation Council Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov criticized the US State Department, which demanded an explanation from Moscow regarding military exercises near Ukraine. It is reported by Life.

He expressed the opinion that the American authorities are trying with all their might to disrupt negotiations on the normalization of relations with Russia.

“It seems to me that the United States is becoming some kind of Central Committee of the party that once existed in our country, in which every step in every region of the Soviet Union was coordinated. If someone sneezes here, this also needs to be explained to the State Department, ”the senator said, stressing that Russia is carrying out maneuvers on its own territory.

Dzhabarov added that Washington needs to be given a harsh answer so that they finally understand that it is time to leave Russia alone.

Formerly US State Department spokesman Ned Price statedthat Washington expects Moscow to reveal the target of Russian military maneuvers near the Ukrainian border or stop the exercise entirely.

Russia has repeatedly replied to such statements that it is conducting exercises exclusively on its territory and has its own right to do so.



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