The fear of Peláez and Cadena in the Chivas match against Necaxa and it is not the state of the field" alt="Ricardo Cadena / Ricardo Peláez" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-ssr="" data-hero="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">" alt="Ricardo Cadena / Ricardo Peláez" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">
Ricardo Cadena / Ricardo Pelaez

El Rebaño secured its place in the reclassification, but the panorama has settled and now they could get into the first four places in the table and advance directly to the Liguilla, something that is urgent to straighten out the current project.

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That is why the match against Necaxa takes on greater relevance, in addition to the fact that several soccer players could be playing for their continuity in the team, as well as Ricardo Cadena, who would seek to establish himself on the bench.

However, the environment could be something that does not benefit the players, as there will be temptations around the game that could harm them.

What is the fear of Peláez and Cadena?

The indiscipline that may occur, the game will be on Friday and in Aguascalientes there is the San Marcos Fair, one of the most significant festivals in that city and that could be lent so that the players go out to party or stay there for a few days.

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