The fashion of dyeing the dog's hair is very dangerous and cruel

They call it creative aesthetics. The fashion of dyeing dogs to disguise or decorate them has given rise to an industry that generates a lot of money. But how does this fashion really affect our pets?

What does a pet groomer do?

Dog grooming professionals are in charge of caring for the health of the skin and hair of our pets. Dog groomers must know the type of grooming suitable for each breed of dog and type of coat, ensuring proper maintenance of its quality and functionality.

commercial dog grooming

This type of dog groomer offers services focused on improving the appearance and health of your dog’s coat, such as:

  • pet wash
  • pet brushing
  • nail cutting
  • Haircuts if appropriate, depending on the breed
  • Anal gland cleaning
  • Ear and eye cleaning

Creative hairdressing: the new fashion

Lately, the commercial hairdresser is giving way to other types of services that include dyeing and tattooing pets. This type of service leaves aside the health and well-being of our pets, to focus exclusively on aesthetics and the final result.

In the United States, contests take place that consist of creating works of color in the coat of dogs.

If you are interested in the subject, you can watch the documentary Well Groomed dedicated to this competition, which has received several awards. In it, the participating dog groomers created works completely contained within a dog’s coat such as:

  • A tribute to the 2014 fantasy film Maleficent.
  • An underwater scene full of fish, waves and a mermaid.

Do you remember the fashion of colored chicks?

In many parts of the world, colored chicks have been sold and continue to be sold. These chicks usually die shortly after as a result of the toxicity of the dye and the poor state of well-being in which they find themselves.

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Thousands of colored chicks mistreated and killed every day are the consequences of not having a universal law that protects the rights and well-being of these animals.

White dogs are the most mistreated by this fashion

Discrimination against black dogs is well known, which, due to their dark color, take longer to be adopted.

Light colored and white dogs also carry their cross. The color of the dye is more easily and reliably attached to light coats. For this reason, white dogs are chosen for this type of practice.

  • The case of the white Schnauzer: a white-coated Schnauzer was dyed the Grinch last Christmas. The other dog in the house, got rid of the barbarity to be a Schnauzer, of the so-called salt and pepper, with a darker color.

What Pet Dye Advocates Say

  • What is an artistic expression?
  • That the protagonist is the dog, whom they see as a companion.
  • That with the final look, the dog gets more attention and affection from people.

What happens if I paint my dog’s hair?

Physical consequences of dyeing my dog:

  • Exhaustion: grooming sessions are long and uncomfortable for the animal.
  • Olfactory discomfort: the smell of the dye can be annoying to the dog or cat.
  • Injuries and burns: risk of injury when using products that are not suitable for animals and that damage their skin: such was the case of Violet, a white dog, whose owner decided to dye her violet with products for humans. This caused such burns that pieces of skin fell off.

Emotional consequences of dyeing my dog:

  • socialization problems: by producing changes in the way other animals of its species interpret its dyed dog body language. Dogs are capable of differentiating many colors, modifying them can interfere with their perception and communication.
  • Abuse: dyeing the pet does not bring any benefit to the animal: it does not improve animal welfare and the supposed affection shown or achieved may actually be misunderstood. The fact of dyeing your dog or cat ends up leading to a case of mistreatment due to recklessness or ignorance.
  • Reification: pets are not a complement to people, but are living beings.
  • An irresponsible human: dyeing the pet is the translation of the capricious mind of the irresponsible human who seeks more likes on his social networks and/or tries to fix his own emotional deficiencies
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What is good for the coat of dogs?

Dogs are dogs, it’s wrong to transform a dog to look like something different.

Dogs have the possibility of choosing few things throughout their lives.

We are the ones who decide:

  • When and what will they eat?
  • How many times and at what time will they go for a walk.
  • Where will they sleep and what will be their toys.

Science has shown that the possibility of making decisions improves the well-being of our pets. What do you think a dog or cat would choose if we offer them the option to decide on such a change of look?



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