the famous shoe 14 millimeters shorter to win in the Playoffs

We know this Kevin Durant, always humble in the field, never doing big performances or getting noticed… we want an F, we want an A, we want a U, we want an X: FALSE! To temper all this talent and this singularity he shows, Slenderman goes for a modest shoe, black and white, since it is not the dress that makes the monk but his ability to score on absolutely EVERYBODY. In short, the Nike KD 14 Home is available at our partner Basket4Ballers.

He made them weird colors, for everyone’s tastes, and suddenly, for people a little more discreet on the field who prefer to speak their basketball rather than their style, he treats us today with this black pair and white. Perhaps also that his elimination from the Playoffs upset him a little and that he wants to leave with his head a little lowered, even if this big blubber has averaged 35.4 points in an exciting series in seven games against the Bucks. We also have a little thought for the French team and for the basketball world which will see a Durant arrive all upset and ready to take revenge at the Olympic Games.. Simple colors but not that simple since the contrasts are worked, eh yeah it works at Nike. The all white KD 14 Home, with two materials on the shoe, both white but giving a marbled effect (marble eh, not just Savannah) also has a translucent Nike Air Presto version strap, all this to make it stand out in black the Nike logo on the strap and the KD logo on the tongue. BE CAREFUL, unofficial rule but which still looks very official: when you wear this kind of shoe with a very conspicuous Nike logo, it is FORBIDDEN to wear socks from another brand.

Equally important reminder which gives staïle to the shoes: the strap recalls the KD 4 since it has a scythe shape of Death and the soles of the two shoes side by side reveal a skull… WE LOVE it. One of the pair’s goals? Reduce foot movements inside the shoe thanks to its multi-layered mesh and strap. In addition to that, the Nike KD 14 Home has all the technologies in the world: 5G, Zoom Air cushioning over the entire length of the foot, a PowerPoint to understand cryptocurrency, a Cushlon foam that offers energy return. durable, secure support thanks to the scratch of the strap, an iPhone 12, a portable raclette device, a rigid piece under the arch of the foot that offers great stability to the shoe, contactless payment, a worked sole that offers grip and sensation… All this not to mention the fact that they offer a fabulous look.


  • The big sister : the Nike KD 14 Mural, the really more eccentric big sister, to wonder if it is not adopted.
  • We can already imagine them at his feet: Trae Young, obviously, this all white marbled snowy side we can only think of Ice Trae.
  • The perfect occasion to wear them: August 14, full dodger, everyone is at the end of their strength on the playground and BAM here you are with this fresh and enduring pair.
  • WE love : The simple color but which does not have the air of an Auchan shoe, as well as the freshness (in both senses of the term) it exudes.
  • We like less: The 889,296 points he will drop against the French team this summer …

The Nike KD 14 Home is available on the website of our partner Basket4Ballers for a price of 149.90 euros. A shoe ” icy “For warmer days that are coming, a modest color for a player who shines, nothing surprises us at Kevin Durant, that’s why we will take four in 43 please.

Buy now on the Nike KD 14 “Home” which is adorned in white to match with the Association Edition jersey of the Brooklyn Nets by Kevin Durant!

Source : Nike