The young woman’s family Helena Jubany, murdered in 2001 in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental, Barcelona) without the crime having been solved for the moment, has asked that investigate three suspects, with what It would also prevent him from prescribing the case in February 2022.

The lawyer for the victim’s relatives, Benet Salellas, has given details of this request in Girona this Tuesday, after the entire judicial process was reopened last year after remaining on file since 2005.

Salellas has confirmed that “three names have been put on the table to be charged”, two from the surroundings of the Unió Excursionista de Sabadell (UES), an entity to which Helena Jubany remained, and a third party related to information extracted from the victim’s computer.

The UES is the link between Jubany, who was the main suspect in the investigation and his partner, Montse C., stopped at the time and that he committed suicide in prison.

“Very clear case of sexual violence”

For the lawyer, it is a “very clear case of sexual violence” and he has considered that society is currently calling for a “special effort” in solving this type of crime.

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Benet Salellas and the family of Helena Jubany criticize the entire investigation, they have appeal to the Constitutional Court for the decision to close it that was adopted by the Audiencia of Barcelona and they have reiterated their request that it be launched and that the Mossos d’Esquadra be incorporated, which would form a team with the National Police.

Salellas trusts that the prosecution will adhere to or at least not oppose these requests, while Jubany’s family environment is especially critical of the UES for never having paid a tribute to the murdered woman.

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