“The fact that there are more women in medicine promises better care”: Sofía Murga Garrido

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Soy Sofia Magdalena Murga Garrido*. I decided to study Medicine because it seems to me a very beautiful and interesting science. Being able to understand how the body works, its systems, organs, tissues, cells and molecules, and how they interact in a precise and harmonic way to result in life, in health, and how to prevent and treat the body when this interaction fails It is something that I find fascinating. Also, in Medicine you have the scientific and clinical combination that complement each other academically and practically.

What inspires me to develop myself day by day is the curiosity and genuine interest in what I do. I mainly investigate the microbiota and its interaction with the host, this is a relatively new line of research that is constantly being updated. To me I am passionate about this topic and day by day I am aware of the knowledge that is generated about it. On the other hand, the social responsibility with our community, and also the ecological responsibility that we have with the world and all its inhabitants, should always inspire us to improve and understand our role in the conservation and balance of the planet.

As a human being, the Medical Surgeon Degree has taught me to develop a whole new level of empathy, It has reminded me that people are complex beings, and that health and treatment obey this complexity. I have also learned to persevere, to form and nurture a support network, since Medicine must always be collaborative.

The fact that the doctors work as a team has been very successful, precisely because of their collaborative work, entrepreneurship and sisterhood.

I believe that the main achievement of any person who finishes a Medicine degree is that, to finish it. This means that you have acquired the essential knowledge to practice General Medicine and it seems to me that graduating means that you have developed an enormous ability to integrate and apply the tons of knowledge you acquired. In my case, I also consider it an achievement to have been able to balance my career with my personal life. It was an achievement to fulfill my academic schedule in such a way that I always had personal time, especially since life does not stop while you study Medicine.

The fact that there are now more women entering the medical field seems fantastic to me and promises an improvement in care, especially towards patients who identify as women.

I have collaborated in several research projects, starting with my Bachelor’s thesis in Biology. I studied Biology before entering Medicine, where we work on cellular senescence in a model of fibrosis in liver cells. Now, In my doctoral thesis in Medicine, I work on the association of virulence factors in the intestinal microbiota of the Mexican child population with obesity. In other research stays I have worked on the characterization of antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the evaluation of the rate of infection and survival of Leishmania mexicana in mouse macrophages, among others.

*Student of the Combined Study Plan in Medicine



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