The fact that the Egyptian actress, Sawsan Badr, died in Corona

The Actors Syndicate in Egypt responded to the rumor of the death of the artist, Sawsan Badr, which spread widely on the communication sites during the past hours, as union member Mounir Makram confirmed that Souss Badr is fine and in good health.

The name of the Egyptian artist, Sawsan Badr, topped the search engines after rumors spread of her death affected by the Corona virus, but the Egyptian Professions Syndicate denied these rumors.

Egyptian newspapers quoted union sources as denying this news, and indicated that the artist, Sawsan Badr, is “in good health.”

In the past hours, social networking sites were buzzing with the news of the death of Sawsan Badr, at the age of 64, in Corona, which worried the followers, especially since the artist’s official page did not issue any statement in which this news was false, according to Egyptian newspapers.

It is noteworthy that Sawsan Badr had recently participated in the series “Zay El Qamar” alongside artist Ihab Fahmy and a number of artists, written by Mustafa Gamal Hashem, and directed by Ahmed Shafik.


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