The fact that the characters in Baldur's Gate 3 always had so much desire for sex was due to a bug that Larian Studios is correcting

The fact that the characters in Baldur's Gate 3 always had so much desire for sex was due to a bug that Larian Studios is correcting

In Baldur’s Gate 3 you can live adventures of all kinds for hundreds of hours, but between trips and combat it is also possible have sexual encounters with team members. This has been one of the main features of the game and one of the most commented on by the community because of everything that can happen.

However, these relationships occurred more frequently than the Larian Studios team had anticipated, giving the impression that the characters they were constantly too horny. As Swen Vincke, game director, has commented to the portal TheGamer All this has happened due to a simple programming error.

From the looks of it the approval thresholds were too low at launch and that caused the characters to be so extremely excited at first, but that wasn’t what was supposed to happen. That is why Larian Studios has been working ever since on correct this section and now in many it has already been fixed and many others are working on it.

Likewise, Vincke is aware that many fans were very happy that the characters had their sexual level shot up, but it has not been enough to prevent the company from wanting to fix this error. This is how he explained the reason:

There were a lot of people who had fun with this bug, but it all went too fast. It was supposed to simulate what real relationships look like. Acting like this in real life would be troublesome.

This means that those who start a new game or those who get the PS5 version will not encounter these failures. What’s more, this latest version will be released on September 6so in a couple of days it will be possible to get Baldur’s Gate 3 on consoles, while on Xbox Series X / S it is expected to end up arriving later.

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