The expected specifications and price of iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro max, imaginary specifications that capture hearts

iPhone 14 Pro max iphone 14 Pro max It is one of the modern phones that everyone is talking about thanks to its amazing capabilities and the beautiful tool. It carries many features such as a large screen, its size is very light, and there are many colors such as white, black and blue, and we will The main specifications of the phone are explained through this article.

iPhone 14 Pro Max specifications and price The brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to be released in September

iPhone 14 Pro Max specifications

I found many questions about this phone and we will explain its specifications through the following points.

  • It is one of the phones with excellent tools and speed.
  • The screen size is approximately 6.72 inches.
  • The screen is made of scratch-resistant glass.
  • Weight is approximately 196 grams.
  • Made of glass and aluminum, it is shock resistant.
  • It is approximately 163 mm long.
  • The width of the phone is approximately 74 mm.
  • It has very distinct colors like white, blue and black.
  • It has a lot of security like fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • It has a hexadecimal processor.
  • Its memory is around 8 GB.
  • It has a dual-LED flash camera.
  • The charger is characterized by its charging speed of around 30 watts.
  • The battery capacity is approximately 3420 Ah.
  • It supports 4g network.
  • It has many types of alerts like ringtone and vibration.
  • The phone will be released in the next 9 months of 2022.

iPhone 14 Pro Max price

  1. We find that this phone will come out during the next month, and we find that many people have searched for its price, and we will explain the way to identify the price through the following points.
  2. The price of the phone around the world is about 1340 US dollars.
  3. We find that the price of the phone in Egypt is around 39,000 Egyptian pounds.
  4. The price of the phone in the UAE is around 5990 thousand dirhams.
  5. The price of the phone in Saudi Arabia is around 5990 Saudi Riyal.
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