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Strengthening the hamstrings, the area behind the thighs, is very important to avoid injuries in athletes and non-athletes. Having them weak is one of the reasons for such common injuries as fibrillar tears.

Updated on: Monday, October 11, 2021 00:00:00

Víctor Téllez explains this simple exercise to strengthen the hamstrings
Hamstrings are muscles found in the back of the thighs and that they are essential for the proper functioning of our legs. Strengthening this area is important for athletes, especially for high-performance athletes (soccer players, tennis players, basketball players, runners), and this is so because having them weak is one of the main risk factors for the famous fibrillar ruptures.

But it is also important for the rest of the people. Thinking of everyone, our personal trainer Victor Tellez (@vtellez_coach) explains a simple exercise that everyone can do to strengthen this area easily and from home.

In the video he explains how to do it and what position you have to have to be able to do it well and without injuries. It is an explosive but very effective exercise.

If you missed any exercise from our personal trainer, you can click on this link in which you will find all. And if you have doubts, you can contact him through social networks.

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