TEXAS, UNITED STATES.- La Supreme Court of the United States decided to stay the inmate’s execution Jhon Henry Ramírez as a result of his Last wish, as he requested the presence of a pastor who is by his side praying and with his hands on him when he receives the lethal injection, which was scheduled for last Wednesday.

Although his application was initially denied, now the US authorities are analyzing the case of Ramirez, reason why they determined a hearing of oral arguments for October or November of this year.

The case has surprised the entire Texas community due to the circumstances surrounding it and the unusual request of the former Marine, who a few weeks ago went to a failed lawsuit claiming that his request is a symbolic act of his religion.

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John Henry Ramirez keep prison in Walls Unit en Huntsville, Texas, but has been on death row since 2009, accused of stabbing 29 times Pablo castro, 45, in the middle of a $ 1.25 robbery at a store. According to the research, Ramirez he was drugged during the confrontation.

When the terrible event happened, I was 20 years old. The Hispanic accepted that he killed someone, but denies that it was during a robbery.

During an interview for the BBC, the young man said that that night he took drugs with marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills and drank alcohol. It also transpired that he had a tough childhood, as his father stabbed his mother repeatedly.

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After committing the murder, the former infant hid in Mexico for four years, however, later he was captured on the border with Texas.

Jhon Ramirez He was sentenced to death with the lethal injection in 2017, but it was postponed to 2020 due to the change of lawyers he made, then due to the covid-19 pandemic and now for analyzing his last wish.

The Hispanic would become the first executed so far in 2021.

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